Women want to have fun Women want to have fun
As society is evolving; it is becoming quite clear that the old clichés where only men enjoy sex are being broken down and demystified.... Women want to have fun

As society is evolving; it is becoming quite clear that the old clichés where only men enjoy sex are being broken down and demystified. After all why should only men want to have fun? It makes no sense as both male and female sexual organs are designed to feel pleasure; and it would be hypocrite to think that only one side of the mirror should enjoy themselves with the organs they got given by nature. Because it is all about nature; we as a species have an imperative to reproduce and survive and by making the act pleasurable; natures makes it more likely to happen. Off course we don’t all want to reproduce; but quite clearly we don’t mind the pleasure aspect of things!

We are different

It is true that our sexual organs are laid out differently; and some might argue that men get the easy end of the bargain. Men do not have to worry about getting themselves pregnant; however that doesn’t mean that they will feel a total lack of concern towards that phenomenon. After all men are also programmed to want to have a legacy; and having a child is as important for some men as it is to their respective partners. Of course those implications don’t necessarily have to be a concern as we can now use contraception; allowing us to focus on the pleasures of the sexual act itself.

We all date

So you might thing that men are the only ones who want dirty hot women looking for sex? Well the truth is that women also search for men for the same purpose; and that gets really apparent when you take a look at naughty dating websites. Those websites are full of men and women looking to have fun; and the more time goes on the more the proportions are getting equal. Sure at first those sites where mainly full of men with a low ratio of women daring to adventure themselves there; but this tendency has changed. Women are as interested in dating as men are; and you can find plenty of female partners to talk to and go on a date if you spend a bit of time visiting dating websites.

Reversing the curve

Sometimes you might even find yourself in a situation where the woman you meet has a bigger sexual appetite than you have; it is not unheard off. The great thing is that modern society is accepting this and as such women are not getting demonised anymore for doing what they want; though that is mainly in modern western societies. But even other more traditional societies are slowly moving towards that tendency; and more women can now enjoy themselves without being called names or made to feel ashamed. Ultimately we look forwards to the days when the whole world treats different people equally; as after all we are all built to enjoy the pleasures of sex and no one should tell us what to do with our bodies.

Braulio Fidel