Adding Sex Swings and Slings into Your Sex Play
Sex furniture, sex swings, and sex slings can look intimidating but if you set all intimidation aside, you can see the benefits of them. They make you have better and more pleasurable sex. Who doesn’t want to have better and more pleasurable sex!?!?! What sex furniture, sex swings and... Read more
Etiquettes of Receiving Blowjobs
Unless you’ve hired an escort and made arrangements with her in advance, then maybe you can be a total douche in the bedroom. Being a douche in the bedroom without permission is uncalled for and not sexy, especially if you’re being a giant dick while receiving a blow job.... Read more
Why Hetero Males and Females Like Watching Lesbian Porn
Why do hetero men like to watch lesbian porn? The answer is pretty simple, and if you ask a guy that same question, I guarantee you’ll hear the words, “because it’s Hot!”, and there’s your answer. Most men, at least the ones I know of and have seen all... Read more